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An Ambitious Growth Partner for Ambitious Companies

We help E-commerce stores all over the globe to unleash their potential with a bespoke online marketing strategy and high-performance execution. No matter if you are a startup or a well-established company, we can help you.

Say goodbye to inefficiency, it's time to make every cent in your marketing budget count.

Bespoke Marketing Stragety
Paid Advertising
Back-end Email

Our Philosophy

Stock Market

At Resek, we only work with the best of the best. We have generated our clients incredible ROI's and millions in profit.

We don't waste our time on inefficiencies and formalities that plague most 'classic' agencies. 

We are efficient, transparent, and love what we do.

Therefore, we are very selective about those we work with and look for a very specific type of client.

Perhaps that's you? It would be an honour to find out.

Just click the button below!

Stock Trade

+$ 7,400,000 

+$ 500,000 


Spend On Ads

Spend Per Month

Avg. ROI

Our Services

Paid Advertising

One good Facebook ad doesn't cut it any more. That's why we provide a bespoke marketing strategy, where we take advantage of prior data in your shop as well as use the data we gather to scale in the right direction. We provide services on all digital platforms, and use them together to get the best results possible. Meta, Google, TikTok, Pinterest etc... Whatever your brand needs, we'll have you covered.

Back-end Email

A vitally important back-end email strategy, where we help you to re-engage lost clients, prior clients and everything in-between. Having an optimised email structure will help maximise your potential revenue and ensure consistency in your website traffic.


With our proven expertise in all things marketing, we offer consultancy services for those brands that may be in need of a fresh look to kickstart performance. Whether you are coming off a down quarter, or perhaps, looking to keep performance growing after peak season - our one-to-one sessions working in conjunction with our sister company Scalefuture will keep performance moving in the right direction.

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A Little Look at Clients We Have Helped

You're about to...

Book a Free Intro Call

Book A Call
This Call is Perfect For;
  • Brands looking to scale and turn their content into quality, high-performing ads.

  • Brands looking for a reliable agency who make their company a priority.

  • Brands looking to understand their increased revenue potential with conversion rate optimisation.

  • Brands looking to max out their conversion rate and optimise their average order value. 

  • Brands looking to take their offline stores online.

By The End of The Call;
You will have a clear understanding for what the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable results online with paid advertising.

Also, you will have a clear answer on if we think we can help you, and if so, how we exactly move on from there.

Go ahead and book a time in Lawrence's calendar, and we'll look forward to talking with you!

Meet The Team

Lawrence Langley

Founder & CEO

Wesley Amagada

COO & Copywriter

Franthoni Weinum

Paid Ads Specialist

image (1).png
Jonas Langballe

Paid Ads & Email Specials

Faaiz Khan

Email Specialist

Madsemil Schmidt

Email Specialist

What Have clients said about us?

London City

CMO, Streetammo

Working with Lawrence and Resek was very easy and showed some good results. High quality, transparent communication, and good know-how are how we would describe Lawrence.

London City

CEO, Btrendy

We had never run ads on Facebook before. Lawrence convinced us to try it, with him in charge, and it’s been one of the best decisions we have made for the company. Great transparency, good communication and outstanding results.

London City

CMO, Bene-FiT

Resek has done a great job running our campaigns for us. We will definitely recommend hiring Resek for quick growth based on sound, data-driven fundamentals.

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